Personalized Knowledge Feed

“How can I disseminate information about this new procedure in a more efficient and compliant manner?”

myClin presents each study team member with a personalized knowledge feed that centralizes the latest posts for their clinical study. No learning curve. The posts are ordered chronologically and divided in four pre-defined types: News, Documents, Events, and Training. The knowledge can flow seamlessly and securely across the team, without wasting time in duplicate, isolated and non-compliant email or messaging systems.

Trackable Sharing & Filing

How can I review if and when our entire study team has been trained on a new protocol?

Users hit “File It” for new posts once they have read and understood announcements, training, or documents. They can also post comments and questions so you can easily clarify each piece of information for the whole team. Filing an item adds it to a virtual study file for that site so easing the record keeping obligation for sites. The “File It” feature also makes it easy for you to review which sites have completed an on-boarding process or a training session, who is up to speed or behind. You can reach full compliance faster and be more confident about the state of your study.

Audit-Ready Study Files

How can I ensure that sites are best prepared for inspections and audits during or after the study?

By nature, study correspondence, training, events, and updates relevant to each site are recorded on myClin. It’s all there and accessible at all times. myClin acts as a real-time, central team document repository which will simplify study file management but also dramatically increase your preparedness for audits.

Real-Time Trial Oversight

Can we oversee our clinical trial processes and team in real-time and at any time with hard data we can trust?

myClin provides your team with secure, central, and personalized access to essential information and documents relevant to your study, and a communication channel to ask important questions and receive answers faster. Visual dashboards let users review information and knowledge transfers at any time, achieving the most accurate, data-driven clinical trial oversight and reaching real, demonstrable compliance.

Cloud-Based Technology

Can I access essential information and data about my study team anytime and anywhere?

myClin is a cloud-based and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system. It is accessible in real-time and fully compatible with any devices, desktop, tablet, or mobile. It doesn’t require any installation and can seamlessly adapt to the size and geographic location of your team. myClin natively supports 47 languages including multibyte character sets and those that read right to left. At present 14 languages are enabled: English (US), English (UK), French, German, Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese.

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