Uncover Study Compliance Blind Spots with the myClin Compliance Score


Wednesday, March 11th / 30 minutes / 4pm BST / 11am ET / 8am PT

The need for compliant study conduct is not new, but recent regulatory enforcement and updated ICH E6 R2 reaffirm that compliance and oversight are hot topics.

Email and spreadsheets lead to major compliance blind spots, making it practically impossible to use in a compliant and efficient way for sharing information, tracking delivery or even confirming that items have been read. Even modern eTMF solutions fail to document how information was used during a study (readership) and how it changed over time (versioning).

Oversight is a responsibility that cannot be delegated by the sponsor. In this webinar we will examine why blind spots exist on every study, delve into the use of a continuous and contemporaneous solution, and present a simple way to expose compliance blind spots on study communications, training and the other non-clinical data that support the integrity of your primary clinical endpoints.

Join us to learn strategies to:

  • Understand the compliance disposition of your study in ways that are currently impossible
  • Ensure all parties have the correct, up to date study information at any time
  • Track user interactions such as views, prints, and acknowledgements of study information
  • Resolve compliance blind spots in your study
  • Record evidence of good study execution on a contemporaneous basis

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Uncover Study Compliance Blind Spots with the myClin Compliance Score

11/3/20208:00am EDT30 minutes

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