Oversight activity needs to be documented on a continuous basis as clinical studies proceed through planning, execution and closeout.

Well said. That’s the theory. In the real world, Oversight often comes as an additional workflow, a disruptive force that can sometimes slow down your study. In certain places you aren't sure how to demonstrate Oversight. Important Oversight tasks can be pushed aside when recruitment lags or when problems are identified and your study team scrambles to provide a fix. As a result, regulators are increasing scrutiny and their expectation around study Oversight is for improved sponsor performance.

This webinar with Kathy Goin, VP, Clinical Operations at myClin/Clinical Works, will help you navigate these new rules and examine how to integrate Oversight within your everyday study workflow. Adam Wood, VP, Business Development, will demonstrate how the myClin platform can help you centralize collection of trial information to streamline and automate this Oversight process.

What you will learn:

  • How to document your Oversight steps.
  • How to automate the tracking of trial Oversight activity without burdening your team with extra work.
  • How to keep a disciplined and consistent approach to capturing trial information, while saving time.

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