myClin Webinar

ClinOps Perspective — So, Oversight When You Can't Visit Sites, Eh?

So, Clinical Operations when you can't actually visit your sites! As if running international GCP trials wasn't complex enough suddenly we can't visit sites like we are used to.

Learn about how to still fulfill your common GCP obligations during a global pandemic:

  • Tips from the field on how to bring these obligations under control
  • Why generating evidence of Oversight shouldn't break you
  • Benefits of a living TMF
  • Dangers of leaving the eTMF to your CRO or a separate team
  • Oversight during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Monitoring with an inspection in mind


  • Colleen Pellegrini, Senior Clinical Operation Consultant, Clinical Leader for Rare Genetic Disease Study
  • Jennifer Grove, Senior Clinical Operations Consultant, Country Manager for UK Cardiology Study

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