myClin White Paper

Modern and Real-World Study Oversight with myClin

About: This paper provides a modern definition of oversight and what it involves, and illustrates how the myClin platform builds a strong oversight directly within your study team communication and collaboration channels.

  • The Reality of Oversight as a GCP Requirement
  • Principles of Oversight and Common Inspection Findings
  • Streamline, Centralize and Automate Oversight
  • The Trial Master File as the Stream of Consciousness for your Studies
  • myClin’s Role in Quality Management

myClin White Paper

Clinical Trial Knowledge Platform - The Road To Compliance

About: Regulatory scrutiny in clinical research has intensified in recent years, and there are no signs that the intensity of the regulatory environment is abating. In the context of increased outsourcing of clinical study activity to CROs, inspectors are showing an increased interest in evidence of the sponsor fulfilling their remaining oversight obligations. One step to improving the success rate of clinical trials while protecting data integrity and patient safety may lie in better attempts to ensure compliance and streamline clinical trial oversight.

  • What is a Clinical Trial Knowledge Platform such as myClin, and what is its intended purpose?
  • How does myClin allow for a more documented and data-driven clinical trial oversight?
  • Can myClin improve your compliance while transforming how your clinical study teams communicate and collaborate?

About myClin

myClin is the leading Clinical Trial Knowledge Platform, offering a transformative collaboration channel and the most documented, data-driven clinical trial oversight.

The company's mission is to leverage technology to enhance participation, engagement, collaboration, and compliance in clinical trials.

The team of clinical research veterans that created myClin in 2008 brought deep experience delivering clinical operations services and building feature-rich eClinical systems.  Since then, myClin has been used across all phases of research, in global bio-pharmaceutical and device studies with thousands of clinical users.

myClin is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with offices in San Francisco, CA, and the UK.