About myClin

myClin is the leading Clinical Oversight Platform, offering a transformative collaboration channel and the most documented, data-driven clinical trial oversight.

Our mission is to leverage technology to enhance participation, engagement, collaboration, and compliance in clinical trials.

The team of clinical research veterans that created myClin in 2008 brought deep experience delivering clinical operations services and building feature-rich eClinical systems. Since then, myClin has been used across all phases of research, in global bio-pharmaceutical and device studies with thousands of clinical users.

myClin is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, with offices in the United Kingdom.


on a single, secure and private channel


knowledge and information transfers in real-time


compliance and stay audit-ready at all times

The #1 Solution to Collaboration and Oversight

myClin eliminates technical, compliance, and financial barriers to unify collaboration and ensure Clinical Oversight for your study. The myClin platform allows your study team to communicate, align, and control the dissemination of essential documents, and maintain best practices without layering on additional training and software expenses.

myClin offers a scalable, transparent and predictable pricing model based on your study. It was built to meet the specific needs of modern clinical trials. The browsing interface is as easy as sending an email and as user-friendly as cloud-based commercial platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive but without the massive compliance drawbacks. As easy as these platforms are, they do not meet the necessary standards and regulations that ensure Good Clinical Practice and demonstrable Compliance.

In contrast, myClin is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Any change to records are captured in the audit trail and these entries are time stamped with additional information including operator name. The system provides end-to-end encryption and prevents unauthorized data modifications by ensuring role-based access. With built-in version control and chain of custody tracking, you are always audit-ready.

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