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myClin has been utilized since 2016 to connect dozens of organizations in a first-ever collaborative clinical trial to treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a form of cancer affecting 20,000 Americans annually.

100% of Sponsors answered that myClin helped them maintain oversight of CRO and vendors.

What are the main benefits of myClin according to our clients?

Control which documents are in circulation:92%
Streamline communication with sites and providers:92%
Improve site engagement:75%
Demonstrate to an auditor the quality of our study management processes:67%
Bring new team members on board faster:50%

*myClin Annual Customer Survey 2017 - 2019

Clinical Operations

myClin breaks down barriers and opens channels of communication between sites, sponsors, and CROs. It lets you align and inform your study team and ensure timely distribution of information, documents and training. By leveraging a powerful and shared channel, you can scale your study communication between more team members, across different geographies and timezones. You can confirm in real-time that important information, documents and training are received and filed.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

myClin provides Quality Assurance & Compliance teams with the best documented, data-driven clinical trial oversight. Study file management is automated, centralized, and secured. Audit trails and time-stamps let you keep track and verify which sites or team members are trained and up to speed. You can monitor progress on visual dashboards or export detailed reports at any time.

Clinical Sites

myClin was designed from the site perspective, to help site coordinators and investigators receive News, Documents, Events, and Training more efficiently. It doesn't require any initial user training. Therefore it is the fastest and most compliant solution for bringing new sites on board. myClin also captures the sense of community that happens at investigator meetings and carries it throughout the study. At any time, sites can ask important questions on the platform and quickly receive answers for all to see – which often helps other sites too.

How Nektar Used myClin To Transform Study Team And Sites Collaboration

  • Deeply integrated study team across 13 collaborating organizations.
  • Stronger communication with solicited and unsolicited feedback for a more effective operational plan and a better protocol.
  • Highly engaged sites exceeded enrollment targets despite delayed start – attributable to stronger engagement between the sponsor, CRO and study site staff that was enabled by the myClin platform.


myClin Webinar

Unified Collaboration & Quality for a Paradigm-Shifting Study: Beat AML

About: To advance science, we need to work together! The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) took that statement all the way when it launched the Beat AML study, a ground-breaking collaborative clinical trial to treat AML.

This webinar demonstrates how the myClin platform is connecting leading cancer centers, a CRO, a genomics company and major biopharmaceutical companies. All led by the LLS research team, a non-profit organization.

  • How did the LLS rethink traditional Clinical Operations to make this Master Trial possible?
  • How are teams from many organizations with their own practices and cultures collaborating on myClin?
  • How is myClin digitizing and facilitating massive cross company training?
  • How is myClin building quality management and compliance directly within the communication flow?
  • What are the lessons learned from this Master Trial that can be applied to your own clinical program?


  • Adam Wood, VP of Business Development, myClin
  • Len Rosenberg, Head, Clinical Operations at Beat AML, LLC, a division of The LLS
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myClin Customer Story

Streamlining Communication & Site Engagement

About: Watch this webinar to hear directly from a customer about the value and benefits of myClin. Learn how Trevena used our platform to streamline communication with 75 clinical sites on a 3 study Ph III program.

  • Cut through the noise and allow for an efficient sponsor-site collaboration.
  • Break free of congested email chains and outdated manual files at clinical sites.
  • Aid all study partners (CROs, suppliers etc) in the on-boarding, training and communication process.
  • Shorten review cycles and allow for stronger consensus.
  • Demonstrate to an inspector/auditor the quality of your study management processes.

It’s time to streamline communication and sites engagement!


  • Jeff Meltzer, VP of Quality Management, Trevena
  • Monica Salamea, Associate Director, Clinical Trial Management, Trevena
  • Adam Wood, VP of Business Development, myClin
Protecting your information is essential to us. We may contact you to qualify your needs and interest in myClin, but we will never share contact details or related information with third parties.

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