myClin builds compliance and oversight within your study workflow

Share documents more efficiently | Keep track and improve engagement | Stay audit-ready at all times

"myClin lets us achieve a more demonstrable compliance. We can review and present real-life data on demand." - ‎Director, Clinical Operations

Simple Document Sharing and Collaboration

No more time wasted in duplicated, isolated, and non-compliant emails. Share documents with your study team on your central and secure myClin channels.

Versioning: The latest document in circulation, always at your fingertips.

Commenting: Get feedback easily, keep projects moving and your team in sync.

Batch uploading: Upload and share documents in seconds.

Your Collaborative, Living eTMF

Use your eTMF as an efficient study management tool instead of a simple repository. Build a perfectly organized, inspection-ready eTMF. Optimize document creation by allowing the author to distribute and correctly code items as they go along - cutting out later reconciliation tasks by additional team members. Have all stakeholders access study materials when they need them with automatic proof they have accessed the correct versions.

Networked, living TMF: Give sites and suppliers controlled, audit-able access to the parts of the TMF that matter. Automatically generate the Oversight evidence regulators are looking for.

Dynamic organization: Capture and code assets instantly. Simply tag and organize your documents "in-line" using the latest TMF Reference Model. No temporary loss of access while artifacts are loaded into your TMF.

Reliable, audit-ready TMF: Record evidence of good study execution on a continuous and contemporaneous basis. Prevent CAPAs (Corrective And Preventive Action) by demonstrating Oversight and showing proof of resolution over time.

Document control and access: myClin acts as the single source of the truth for your team: no asset duplication, conflicting versions. Document authors can control distribution and coding of their items - efficient and accurate.

eTMF-ESM ready: The eTMF Exchange Mechanism Standard allows TMF content to be easily moved between eTMF platforms (into or out of myClin).

TMF Quality Control State View: Use workflow to easily review and classify documents using the TMF Reference Model as you load them.

Real-time and Automated Oversight

Get a clear picture of what's going on in your study. No more guessing or intricate, error-prone documentation. myClin builds in oversight within your study workflow.

Filing: Users hit “File It” for new posts once they have read and understood announcements, training, or documents.

Compliance summary: Review document actions including views, filing, or downloading at the team level.

Engagement detail: Review document actions taken by specific individuals, across all teams.

Personalized Knowledge Feed

No more endless digging in your overloaded inbox. myClin presents you with a personalized knowledge feed with everything you need to know. Nothing more, nothing less. Structured content organization increases everyone's ability to get things done.

Content types: 4 pre-defined, color-coded types (News, Documents, Events, and Training).

Quick search: Tag and find documents easily.

Activity widget: Notifications draw your attention to content you need to review.

Always Inspection Ready

myClin acts as a real-time, central team document repository which will simplify Investigator Study File (ISF) and Trial Master File (TMF) management. It’s all there and accessible at all times.

Audit-ready: Always know what happened and when and answer difficult questions effortlessly.

Study personnel: Know who is working on your study at any times, and how to contact them. Review key contacts and open sites at a glance.

TMF reference codes: Tag content according to the TMF reference model 3.0.

Cloud-Based Technology

myClin is accessible in real-time and fully compatible with any devices. It doesn’t require any installation and can seamlessly adapt to the size and geographic location of your team.

21 CFR Part 11: myClin is a cloud-based and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system.
Responsiveness: myClin can be used effortlessly on desktop, desktop, tablet, or mobile.
Localization: myClin natively supports 47 languages including multibyte character sets and those that read right to left.